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SHiNE . . . is a Grace Gathering for people who want to experience God in a Guilt- FREE environment .

   The music, the message and the community all serve to inspire & lift YOU UP! Lot’s of people believe in God; but at SHiNE . . . we believe in YOU!

  Our hope is that as you discover God’s true Heart  and His never-ending & unchanging Love for YOU, you will start to see yourself through His Eyes - and YOU will begin to Love yourself and others naturally.


SHiNE . . . also serves as an artists & creators community, helping each of us tap into the Divine spark of genius that is at the core of who YOU are.

   Shine is a safe and inspiring place to share your art  & your ideas with other creative and open minded,    big hearted people!

   We believe there is untaped greatness in YOU!

And we want to help you discover it, believe in it . . . and share it with the World!